Two Things Tuesday

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I need to admit I have been a having a tiny pity party for myself lately. Mr. F is away a lot with his coaching job, so it’s just me and Little Ms. CC most nights, which is fun until she is in bed and it’s just me cleaning up…always cleaning up. On top of all that solo night time cleaning, I’ve been hearing about my friends’ upcoming vacations – a safari in Kenya, a ski vacation in France; not to mention my friend that MOVED to Italy last month. So yup, pity party + envy. To try and get myself out of this funk, today I am focusing on the positive side of the “negatives”.

1) Cleaning up the nightly Little Ms. CC messes leaves may not seem like it has a positive side, but it does. The messes mean I have this adorable, spunky, expressive kiddo. It’s a little reminder of how life changes and how lucky I am to be a mom.

2) So what I can’t pick up and take off to France for a ski trip? I don’t ski anyway. When the initial envy wears off I can step back and see the bigger picture. These friends that are telling me about their vacations are my best friends from high school, HIGH SCHOOL. I’m well removed from my high school years. These girls and I still talk nearly daily and still all get together at least once a year. They are true friends. We have come through weddings, kids, moves, rough patches, and more, and we still make each other a priority.

It’s not always easy to find the good when you are in a funk, but when you do it certainly turns your mood around. Pardon me while I go peek in on my adorable mess-maker, then call my friends to tell them I love them.


Healthy Toddler Tots


I’m well aware of the “Terrible Twos” and the “Threenager” stage, but the “Suddenly Picky” stage we are going through now is new to me. Last week Little Ms. CC would eat anything we threw on her tray, this week she turns her head away and says “Nah!” I’m not caving! (I say this over and over to myself during mealtime, over, and over). I know she still likes some of her staples, so I figured I work from there and see if I could come up with a healthy, toddler friendly food. BAM – Healthy Toddler Tots were created today! Little Ms. CC approved; Mr. F may have had a few too.


Just One of Those Days…

Cranky CC Today was one of those days. Little Ms. CC spiked a fever the other day and got sent home from baby school. (Yup, we call daycare baby school). Mr. F stayed home with the sick kid yesterday and got tons of sick kid cuddles. I stayed home with the sick kid today. She is on the mend, so I got limited cuddles and lots of crankiness.

It’s days like today, days where the cries vastly outnumber the smiles, days where nothing seems to work to make Little Ms. CC happy, days where I simply feel defeated, that I question how I got here. Mr. F and I had settled into a pretty comfortable married with no kids life. We both started to pursue our passions, went to Happy Hour, woke up late on the weekends. We thought we had it good.

But, I’ll tell you. This kid knows how to play it. Between the crying fits and the throwing – food, toys, my cellphone, anything within reach, we played. Like really played. Little Ms. CC would run around the kitchen table while I “chased,” then we would reverse and she would chase me. After the most frustrating bath, we sat in the glider in her room, turned down the lights, and glided back and forth while she nuzzled up to me. I rested my head on her’s and soaked up every minute. I stopped questioning how I got here. I am just thankful I AM here.

We thought we had it good, now I know we have it great.


#supportlocal #shopsmall

Happy SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY! I’m definitely not a Black Friday kind of girl, but I am all aboard the support local and shop small train; so much so I could be the conductor. I love discovering small businesses that have original designs and products. Below are some of my favorites, check them out, support them, spread the word!



Fledge Co.,   WeeStructed,   Tribe Is Alive,   Hope & Sundries,   Christina’s Limited,   Support Local

Two Things Tuesday

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Mr. F is in full swing of his new coaching job. (I cannot wait to write a post about how PROUD I am of my husband for following his dream and showing our mini that you CAN live your dreams, but that is for another time). With this new coaching gig I have been taking on more of the domestic duty. Let me tell you, I love Little Ms. CC more than pizza, chocolate, and gangsta rap… but it has been a haul these past few weeks. Not having as much me time has helped me love the “little things” more. So, today’s Two Things Tuesday is about two things I do in order to pamper myself in this hectic Fall/Winter we are having.

1) At Home Manicure – Now this may not seem like pampering to everyone. It’s not really about the manicure; it’s about how I feel after. With my nails done I feel more put together, dare I say a bit more classy. I simply feel better. Plus, since I don’t have the time for the salon, if I totally f up my non-dominate hand I can blame it on Little Ms. CC!

 – I’m currently rocking a winter favorite, Stylenomics by Essie.

2) Late for a Latte – This is one is less pampering more self-preservation. Every once in while – not more than once a week, usually… I take a little detour on my way to pick up the mini. I stop at the BEST local coffee place and get myself a latte with whole milk, gasp! It’s ten minutes of pure, beautiful, quiet bliss.

The question is, what do you do to pamper yourself on this crazy parenting journey?


The Local Section

As I keep working and adding to J. Splendid, I want to build a local page to act as a resource for local parents. I already have a list of local places we love that I will be adding, but I wanted to start with a BANG! So, look down for a sneak peek of some of the sheer greatness that is Drop Anchor Photography, then head over to the Local page for the full feature.

065 Portrait 003


Unexpected Doesn’t Mean Unwanted

For some reason it has taken me a while to sit down and write this post. I had to first understand why I wasn’t ready, then I had to realize I was ready to handle anything that might come my way in the crazy often judgmental parenting world we live in. (Please understand I’m not trying to fuel the parental judgement with that comment, just that I am not naive to the fact it exists.)

Yes, Mr. F and I are unexpected parents. We were not planning on having our mini. What that doesn’t mean is that she was unwanted. When I tell people we weren’t planning on having Little Ms. CC a look of shock/concern/are-you-nuts-to-admit-that comes over their faces. It’s a look I don’t fully understand. I am not saying she is a mistake. I am not saying she is the result of a slip up. I AM NOT SAYING SHE IS UNWANTED.

We are not alone. We are unexpected parents due to medical reasons, due to surprise lapses in family planning, due to any variety of reasons.

We are awestruck by our mini. We are loving in a way we never knew was possible because of our mini. We are growing because of our mini.

Bottom line – there are parents that have tried for years, there are parents that didn’t prevent, but didn’t try, there are parents that were surprised, but we are all PARENTS. Learning as we go, doing the best we can. We are all in the trenches. So please understand I am not ashamed that my mini was unexpected, I’m right there parenting with you.


Two Things Tuesday

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In school today we had a full day of professional development. The topic was standard-based report cards, but honestly it was so much more. Our speaker, nationally known Rick Wormeli, spoke to a whole shift in teaching. It got me thinking about changing up some of what I do in the classroom. It also got me thinking about changing up things in up in my personal life. So, today’s installment of Two Things Tuesday is about two things I would like to shift my thinking about in my life.

1) WeekdayMornings – Now, I know I can’t get rid of weekday mornings, but I do want to work to shift my thinking about them. I like to play calm and cool on the outside, but inside I am a very routined person. If things get slightly off schedule in the morning I tense up inside, get snippy with Mr. F, and miss the adorable actions of Little Ms. CC. I’ve never been late to work, in fact I am usually the second or third person there. I need to learn it is okay to lose the routine a little, even if that means I am a few minutes later to work. Then I can spend more time seeing the splendid moments.

2) Nap Time – I have no desire to change nap time, Little Ms. CC needs nap time! I do want to shift my thinking about what I do with nap time. That whole “nap when the baby naps” advice EVERYONE doles out right after you have your baby never worked for me – or any mother I know for that matter. There is always a laundry list of tasks that need to get done. These tasks can’t get done when the kid is awake. I want to shift my thinking so that when Little Ms. CC is napping I can relax. Time has become such a precious commodity, alone time is non-existent. If I can shift my thinking to relax a bit during nap time (does the dining room floor really need to be waxed that badly?) I know it will make me happy throughout the day.

Alright. I’ve spilled on two things I need to change up in my life, now it is your turn. What do you want to shift your thinking about in your life?


Two Things Tuesday

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Happy Tuesday! It’s going to be a quick post today since I am currently in a birthday cupcake-induced stupor. I wanted to share two quotes that I love and that I hope will teach Little Ms. CC that the sky is the limit.

“Adventure is worthwhile in itself.” – Amelia Earhart (Little Ms. CC is going to be Miss Earhart for Halloween!)

“Insecurity is a waste of time.” – Diane Von Furstenberg


Observations From Swim Class

Today marked Little Ms. CC’s last day of community swim. After a few weeks Mr. F and I realized swim went a little smoother if only one of us was in the water with Little Ms. CC and the other parent stayed on the sidelines (do pools have sidelines?) to receive and dry her off. Being the parent on the sidelines every other week, my eyes couldn’t help but wander to see how other kids and parents were navigating the first organized swim of our kids’ lives.

There were the Super-Prepared or perhaps the Overly-Cautious parents. This couple had their daughter in a full body infant dry suit (admittedly the water was a touch on the frigid side), floaties attached anywhere and everywhere you could imagine floaties, and barely let her touch the water. And, you know what – that girl had a huge smile on her face the whole time.

There was the Sink-or-Swim mom. I mean this in the most literal sense. This mom let her 18 month old go and proclaimed, “Swim to Mommy!” And you know what – that kid ducked under the water and swam to Mommy.

There were the parents that wouldn’t let their kids touch the community toys, there were the parents that did. There were the parents that let their toddlers try to float on their backs, and there were the parents that held tightly on to their toddlers the entire class. There were parents that videoed every moment, and there were parents that didn’t take one picture and soaked up the memories in their minds. And you know what – everyone had a great time.

Community swim is a microcosm of parenting styles. As parents we sometimes have a tendency to judge, but seeing all these parents do things their own way is a great reminder we are all doing what we believe is best for our kids. Who can judge that?