Two Things Tuesday



Two Things Tuesday is my little way to share to tips, tricks, hints, random musings, products…you get the idea, that I find useful. Today I am going to focus on two things that help keep my diaper bag organized and ready to go.

1) Goody Headband – I use an extraordinarily large diaper bag; I wrap a headband around the 5 diapers I (try) to always keep in the bag together. This was a serious game changer for me. Simple, inexpensive, and solved a problem I was having.


2) Travel Toothbrush Holder – Little Ms. C is almost done with bottles (insert happy dance). She isn’t quite ready for a regular cup yet and I am not always great about packing her straw sippy cups. So, in the diaper bag I keep a travel toothbrush holder full of straws. I can easily drop a straw into my water bottle or cup and instantly have it ready for Little Ms. C. I can’t take full-0n genius credit for this one, I am sure I saw it on Pinterest at some point, but hey, it helps me!


Let me know if these worked for you!


We Are Ready!

It’s here! The time has come that you are going to start seeing regular posts on J. Splendid. The plan is to feature Two Things Tuesdays (two helpful tips, meal ideas, fashion staples, activities, etc…), Little Ms. C’s Outfits of the Week (#OOTW), and some insight and humor about how I am managing life and taking time for all the splendid moments.


The NEW J. Splendid

Thanks for swinging by the new J. Splendid. My hope is you find a place to swoon over thoughtful celebrations, find tips and recipes for your lifestyle, and of course laugh and love on our adorable Minis.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Jen, a working wife and mom of one sweet Mini who we call CC. After a few years of running a successful wedding design business I realized I didn’t want to spend so many Saturdays away from Little Ms. CC. I’ve gone back to my first love, teaching middle school (yes, you heard right – I love teaching middle school). We leave in Southeastern Connecticut and are constantly re-arranging our rooms, painting, finding little projects, trying new recipes, and generally figuring out this hectic life as we go.

Feel free to enjoy our journey as we enjoy this life, with splendid detail.